About Katalyst Foundation

Serving Humanity has many definitions we at Katalyst Foundation strive to achieve socioeconomic wellbeing by creating sustainable systems that uplift the poor and disabled by developing sustainable social infrastructure which can address some of the great challenges facing our society today in a timely manner while ensuring maximisation of Social wellbeing within the given set of resources.

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SKilling & Education

Current demographic environment in South-East Asian Countries necessitates skilling of various young individuals every year. Moreover with the enhanced access to new resources and technologies the youth simply needs proper guidance and persuasion in order to invest their time into developing marketable skills that necessarily lead to greater chances of the individual finding and retaining employment.

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Health & Family welfare

In todays world it is said that a poor person in the bottom 20 percentile income distribution is up to 2.6 times more likely to forgo treatment even when ill as compared to a rich person this implies that government initiatives have not been affective in providing adequate health facilities to the poor.

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Afforestation & Green Belt

Humans today are cutting trees and clearing land for civilisation use at an ever faster rate and this along with continuous emission of green house gases due to hydro carbon fuels is increasing the temperature of the planet and disrupting the long standing natural ecosystems.

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Disaster Relief

In today’s world we can hardly imagine our life without cell phones or electricity yet million gloabally ever year are forced to live without proper clothing, electricity and essential amenities necessary for human survival due to disasters and natural calamities. Majority of the lives affected by Disasters face shortage of food, electricity, potable water as well as need rehabilitation in certain cases.

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Empowerment of Disable

Disability has more consequences than meets the eye, not only do specially abled people have difficulty in day to day activities they often find it difficult to find employment and therefore are subject to poverty, they also tend to have shorter life spans due to lack of medical treatment.

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