Afforestation & Green Belt

Humans today are cutting trees and clearing land for civilisation use at an ever faster rate and this along with continuous emission of green house gases due to hydro carbon fuels is increasing the temperature of the planet and disrupting the long standing natural ecosystems. Katalyst foundation with it`s diverse volunteer base can augment the situation with our green belt and green residence initiatives not only do we have expertise in rejuvenating forests but we are also endeavour to plant trees of indigenous species in an artistic and scientific way minimising the maintenance hassles while maximising the green cover in the given set of resources


Short term Objective

To implement and develop our variety of different concepts across states in India and augment the design/ species selection and soil pattern based past records and experiences.

Medium term Objective

To augment and master solutions in the horticulture industry and begin plantation along river fronts and mountains to ensure smooth flow in rivers across India.

Long term Objective

Katalyst foundation aims to help restoration of Green belts across the globe and include regional flora and fauna along with upkeep and restoration of Horticulture belts along side river basins.