Disaster Relief

In today`s world we can hardly imagine our life without cell phones or electricity yet million gloabally ever year are forced to live without proper clothing, electricity and essential amenities necessary for human survival due to disasters and natural calamities. Majority of the lives affected by Disasters face shortage of food, electricity, potable water as well as need rehabilitation in certain cases. Katalyst foundation endeavours to be the agent of change and ensure optimisation of geographically contained resources.


Short term Objective

We aim to develop disaster relief blocks in disaster prone areas focusing on floods, droughts and cyclones that is cyclical disasters where certain forecasting is plausible in order to build secondary habitation infrastructure in a proactive fashion

Medium term Objective

In the medium term we plan to increase our foot print to Africa focusing on other manmade disasters and famine focusing on structural shifts that can prevent such disasters as well advocating necessary infrastructure such as dams to prevent flooding of regions in south-east asia on a seasonal basis.

Long term Objective

Alongside strengthening the earlier objectives Katalyst Foundation aims to bring support in warzones across the globe by providing on-site medical infrastructure as well as mass-evacuation missions in resonance with global peace keeping forces.