Empowerment of Disable

Disability has more consequences than meets the eye, not only do specially abled people have difficulty in day to day activities they often find it difficult to find employment and therefore are subject to poverty, they also tend to have shorter life spans due to lack of medical treatment. We at Katalyst foundation aim towards changing this by rehabilitation of disability and creating employability of the disabled so that they can be financially independent and lead a dignified life.


Short term Objective

To increase our footprint and develop rehabilitation centres in each State of India, Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh and cater to Geriatric rehabilitation as well

Medium term Objective

Along with crafts Katalyst Foundation also wants to assist the disabled in marketing of their products and services on a global scale using retail stores and e-commerce platforms Katalyst Foundation endeavours to sell 5 million articles in the next 5 years.

Long term Objective

To go global and develop over 3000 Disability and Geriatric Care centres across the planet to complete the deficit and reach ratio of 1 centre per 1 million people distributed across the globe to cater to disabled and geriatric population globally.