Health & Family welfare

In todays world it is said that a poor person in the bottom 20 percentile income distribution is up to 2.6 times more likely to forgo treatment even when ill as compared to a rich person this implies that government initiatives have not been affective in providing adequate health facilities to the poor. This can be attributed to 2 fundamental misappropriations in these schemes first lack of local decentralised infrastructure to cater to rural populations at an accessible distance and secondly lack of disease prevention and early stage medical intervention which leads to long travel time for patients to get decent medical facilities and over crowding of centralized facilities in towns and state capitals both of which are a leading cause of problem facing the patients and medical fraternity at large. We at Katalyst foundation aim to develop local decentralized centres which will cater to large segments of population in a an accessible and affordable way as well as focusing on sanitation and hygiene for prevention of diseases.


Short term Objective

To establish and operate different modules across multiple geographies catering to population of states across India. We also plan to establish supply networks in order for proper appropriation of sanitation goods.

Medium term Objective

To expand the services to include emergency reuses, radiology tests as array of public awareness campaigns for ensuring higher participation in our programs.

Long term Objective

To establish a complete network of decentralised medical facility centres across South East Asia catering to millions of poor patients annually and decongesting conventional public healthcare service providers.