Skilling & Education

Current demographic environment in South-East Asian Countries necessitates skilling of various young individuals every year. Moreover with the enhanced access to new resources and technologies the youth simply needs proper guidance and persuasion in order to invest their time into developing marketable skills that necessarily lead to greater chances of the individual finding and retaining employment. Thus our Foundation aims to skill and train young individuals in the region in order to facilitate their smooth integration into various industries. With our vast network of industry peers it is our constant endeavour to ensure placement of the persons trained by us into appropriate and dignified jobs.


Short term Objective

In the coming year we anticipate programs across hundreds of Villages in India where we shall be focusing on skilling of individuals for semi-skilled labour jobs in Hospitality, Construction and Para-medical professions.

Medium term Objective

In the coming 3-5 years we plan to increase our presence to other South east Asian Nations such as Nepal, Bhutan Bangladesh and increase the range our training initiatives to include handicrafts, Small enterprise training, Accounts, Book keeping and other skilled professional courses.

Long term Objective

We endeavour to become the leading organisation imparting skill training in rural sector and develop a centre of Mass Training and Employability in at least 5 locations across this region to help individuals from poor and marginalised fractions of society get access the equal opportunities.